Many years during the intimate maturity are 180 months

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Many years during the intimate maturity are 180 months

The new Zagorsk breed is raised getting beef and eggs production. He has an intense and you can wide human anatomy. The head are away from typical dimensions, having one brush and you may yellow ear canal-lobes. New neck is also out-of medium size which have silvery hackles in dicks. Trip and end feathers is actually white brownish from inside the hens and you will nearly black in roosters. Shanks is actually quick and you may reddish. Feathering of your own younger is sluggish in addition to brooding abdomen is poor.

The new real time pounds regarding 7-week-old pullets try 0.85 hence from cockerels try 1.00 kilogram; the new live pounds out of mature hens is 2.7 and you can dicks consider step 3.eight kilogram. The typical yearly manufacturing try 170 egg out of 60-62 g; to own winners the fresh involved profile are 211-216 egg. The latest egg shell was dense and you will brownish for the the color. Fertility of egg is 91% and you may hatchability 75-80%. Endurance speed of the more youthful was 93% and of adults ninety-five%.

Selection is aimed at autosexing time-old girls by off along with

A characteristic ability off Zagorsk Salmon birds are polymorphism throughout the off colour of go out-old girls. Which colour differs from definitely white, otherwise white having age spots, to light brownish which have longitudinal stripes.

Meats Types UZBEK Game (Uzbekskaya boitsovaya)

Which breed try shaped during the ancient times in Central Asia of the selection for aggression out-of dicks, huge human body, good composition and you can bones, not as much as conditions out of scarce eating and you may unfavorable management.

The fresh reproduce keeps a broad delivery within the Bukhara and you will Sae “kulang” plus in Fergana valley and you will Kirgizia since “dakan”. People say one to before “kulangs” were utilized for breeding particular English industrial breeds.

A lot of time option for using purposes (knob battles) contributed to the forming of birds with unique external and you may structure. They are higher, with a giant vertically-lay looks. The head are brief, a bit hit bottom from side to side; the comb try quick, pea-formed, will less. Vision try bullet, sparkling, stunning. Legs are long. Plumage is actually dense, strict on system; the the colour are adjustable. The fresh attitude was lively and you can competitive.

The fresh new live weight regarding 9-week-old pullets try 0.97 and that from cockerels try step 1.31 kilogram; mature hens weigh 3.2-step 3.8 and you may dicks 4.0-seven.0 kilogram. Many years on sexual maturity are 215 months.

Annual design is 105-120 eggs of 55-60 grams. The egg shell is light brown. Virility off egg try 70% and you can hatchability 80-85% Survival rate of one’s young to 9 weeks old are 98% and of adults 97%.

Uzbek Games wild birds are adjusted to local standards. Brand new breed can be utilized regarding the production of the fresh new outlines into the broiler business out-of Central Asia.

From the 1984 the populace regarding Banned-and-Speckled Leghorns reached 900. Of them 419 have been stored in private cages and from their website was chose 117 hens having an effective 4.5-month production of 111 egg consider 61+0.2 grams. The selection differential inside the eggs development is fourteen eggs as well as in egg pounds step three grams.

In-breeding Black colored Speckled Australorps the chief notice are paid back in order to size option for down breeding ages and higher eggs weight. During the 1975-76 the people reached 800-900 lead. Into the 1976 these people were joined from the people of one’s C line regarding mix Shaver 288, to develop yet another artificial range. A handful of Black colored Mottled Australorps, 50 hens and ten cocks, were relocated to the gene maintenance head, where these people were at random bred with you to definitely male to three females. On the breeding 12 months off 1984 its count is actually 150 hens and forty cocks.

New real time lbs of sixty-day-old birds is actually 0.7 kg; compared to adult hens are step one.8 kg and you will dicks consider 2.dos kilogram. The typical annual development was 240 eggs, weighing 56 g. Fertility off eggs was 92% and you will hatchability 80%. Survival rate regarding both younger and you may adults was 95%.

An element element out-of Moscow Light birds is the versatility so you’re able to strict weather conditions. Its quick flower comb never gets frost-bitten. Set of this breed is directed to help you growing eggs design and you will egg weight.

The latest live pounds from 49-day-old pullets are 0.83 kg and of cockerels step one.0 kg; mature hens weigh 2.7-dos.8 and you may cocks 3.8-4.2 kg. The average manufacturing are 160-180 egg a-year; egg pounds try 60 g. The fresh eggs-layer the colour was brownish. Fertility out of egg are 90% and you can hatchability 75-80%. Success speed of your more youthful as much as 56 times of age try 95% and of people 83%.

The real time weight from 8-week-dated birds try step 1.2 kilogram; that of mature hens are dos.7-3.0 and of dicks step three.5-cuatro.0 kg. Ages of maturity try 180 days. Annual egg development averages two hundred eggs averaging 59 grams. Egg shell are light brown. Fertility regarding egg are 95% and you may hatchability 77-87%. Emergency price regarding chicks is 98.7% and of adults 95%. Kuchino Jubilee chickens keeps highest beef high quality: breast body of girls include twenty five.3% off healthy protein. They feather easily at an early age.

Pervomai birds is bred having eggs and you will chicken manufacturing. He has white Columbian plumage along with, purple shanks, red-colored ear-lobes and you can a rose comb. The conformation is noted by short feet appearing compactness.

Yerevan chicken-egg birds keeps an effective constitution and you will special physical appearance. New comb was small, which have consistent activities; ear-lobes is actually pink; shanks was red and plumage are red-colored-fan.

This new Zagorsk Fish breed had previously been several from inside the Krasnodar arid Stavropol territories and in Moscow and you may Tambov regions. During the last 5 years they might be bred just inside the a couple of communities in research institutes; the full stock is 600 direct.